Sunday, November 18, 2012

No. 69: A new wave power generation system to be launched in 2016 (November 19, 2012)

Mitsubishi Heavy is developing a new wave power generation system that sets a structure on the sea side of a breakwater. The structure is like a box, and air inside the structure is pushed out when a wave comes into the structure to run a turbine of the generator. Because the structure can bring in waves coming from diagonally, the system has two times higher generation efficiency than the existing system. As a result, the company opened up the road to reduce the generation cost to 40 yen per kW. Although the total power output depends on how many units are built on a breakwater, it is possible to get a generation capacity of 1 mega watt to supply electricity to 200-300 households.

Bridgeand Steel Structure Engineering, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy, will install a demonstration system in 2014 to start the substantiative experiment using a breakwater in the Tohoku district. The construction cost is about 400 million yen per unit. The system is basically designed for isolated islands where energy cost is rather high. The Japanese government reckons that the introduction of renewable energy in 2012 will increase 12% over the previous year to about 2,500,000 kW on an output basis thanks to the system introduced in July this year to purchase electricity generated by renewable energy at favorable fixed prices for 10-20 years. 

Generation cost, feature, and problem of major renewable energy types
Generation cost per kW/h
Aiming for less than 40 yen
33.4-38.3 yen (Residence)
9.9-17.3 yen
(On land)
9.2-11.6 yen
Possible to generate throughout the year
Easy to install and operate
Possible to generate regardless of time
Possible to generate throughout the year if hot water is available
Cost and waterproofing technology
Impossible to generate at night
Generates low-frequency sound
Available places are mostly inside a national park

The concept of Mitsubishi Heavy’s wave power generation system

The image of Mitsubishi Heavy’s wave power generation system

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