Sunday, June 9, 2013

No. 83: A new back sheet for solar cells from Fujifilm (June 9, 2013)

Fujifilm will put its newly-developed sheets used for solar cells on the market. The sheet is the so-called back sheet attached to the back of a solar cell to protect it from heat, humidity, and ultraviolet. It oxidizes should it be exposed to air and water, but the company increased the durability of the sheet by mixing special compound with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and applying its own unique technology to blow up film. The new sheet has a life of 30 years, three times more durable than the existing products on the market. It is priced at 20-30% higher than the standard back sheet. According to European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPA), solar cells with a total generation capacity of 31 million kW were introduced worldwide in 2012, making the cumulative output reach 100 kW. The introduction is expected to increase 55% from 2012 to over 48 million kW in 2017.   

Fujifilm had no way but to decrease the share of film business considerably because of the growing popularity of digital cameras. Actually, film sales account for less than 1% at present as compared with about 20% in 2000. The company is busily occupied with launching new business operations based on the technology it has accumulated. Late last year, it started to ship the EXCLEAR designed for the touch panel of smartphones and tablet PCs. In addition to higher precision, it can be mounted on the next-generation display because it is bendable. Fujifilm is also marketing the label to prevent counterfeiting that allows printed images and literal information to be seen only through the special filter. 

 Fujifilm's technology to extract 
organic EL illumination light 

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